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Rev. Alice Inoue
320 Ward Ave – Suite 101
Honolulu, Hawaii, 96814
(808) 598-2655

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Would I recommend this vendor? Yes!

I know that many people prefer a male to officiate their wedding, and DH was originally in that same boat, but we are both so happy with our decision to go with Alice! After researching some of the non-denominational offiants available for Oahu, I actually ended up narrowing it down to two women, based on their style, flexibility, and demeanor. DH and I met with Alice on one of our trips back to Oahu, and we were very happy. We knew that we wanted to work with her. She is very friendly and nice, as well as organized with good communication skills and a good business sense. All of these things were important to me with finding the right vendors.

One of the big positives for me with Alice is that all of her information was readily available on her website. It helps so much in planning! She has her usual ceremony sequence, her standard form for couples to fill out with all of their information, a copy of the poem “Gift of your Hands” (or something like that) – it’s a beautiful poem that was so nice for the ceremony! And lastly, my favorite, she has a sheet with all different options for the I Do’s, vows, and ring vows. Exactly what I needed – a customized wedding for a couple who has no idea how to eloquently say how we feel! We just picked the options we wanted, #1, 2, or 3, and we were ready to go!

On the day of the rehearsal, Alice was soooo efficient. She ran that thing so well! And she managed to still work well with our site coordinator (whom she had never worked with before). Even though it was an extra cost, I am very happy we did the rehearsal.

For the wedding itself, Alice was awesome. Beforehand, she visited DH and I to have a little chat and calm us down. Before and during the ceremony, she subtly directed people where to go and what to do (DH’s family wasn’t at the rehearsal). And the ceremony itself – beautiful! We really enjoyed what Alice had to say, her words really did speak to us. I really wanted something that wasn’t very religious, and she captured that perfectly. And she spoke with authority, but also with a smile in her voice. You can tell she has done a lot of speaking. Alice also took us step by step through the certificate signing, which is something that’s super important, but you forget about in the planning. With so many emotions around, it was nice to have someone with a level head telling us exactly how to fill out the form.

Overall, we were VERY happy with Alice, and we would highly recommend her to anyone! And remember, even if you are looking for a male officiant, at least meet with Alice to see what she is like. She may just change your mind!



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