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Posted: Sat Feb 17,  5:41 am Post subject:
Date: November 10,
Island: Oahu
Ceremony Venue: Luana Hills Country Club (lawn)
Reception Venue: Luana Hills Country Club (ballroom)
Photographer: Frank Amodo
Videographer: —
Officiant: Pastor Kaneshiro (from mom’s church)
Hair/Makeup: Dorys Foltin
Coordinator: —
Florist: self
Caterer: —
Rentals: —
Cake: Jill Yamashita
DJ: iPod or computer
Stationary: self

Accomodations for OOT guests: –?– (we are not doing room blocks)
Knottie name (if you have one): lisakeiko
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Lisa wedding for


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Posted: Sat Feb 17,  1:58 pm Post subject:
Date: 8/25/
Island: Oahu

Ceremony Venue: Turtle Bay, Kuilima Point
Reception Venue: Turtle Bay, Sunset Room
Photographer: Chrissy Lambert
Officiant: our friend Stephen Long
Hair/Makeup: Dorys Foltin for makeup, my hair person from Columbus is coming to the wedding and doing my hair
Coordinator: Alia Kennedy from Parasol is the DOC
Florist: Yvonne Floral
Caterer: Turtle Bay
Rentals: TBD– either Accel or Production Hawaii
Cake: Turtle Bay
DJ: LA Image
Stationary: Julie Holcomb letterpress

Accomodations for OOT guests: Turtle Bay Resort and condos
Knottie name (if you have one): hawaiiigirl


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